Withdrawal Instructions

We will be swapping to an Ethereum ERC20 token Sep 2017.   

To withdraw your tokens, please email us the following:

  1. A withdraw request from the email address you used to order tokens.
  2. Send your withdraw request to: [email protected] (Again, make sure you send from the email address you used when purchasing the tokens.)
  3. Put your total token balance in the email Subject Field. Example: Withdraw 1000 tokens
  4. Email body: Include 1. the email address you used when making the token purchase, 2. order number/s, and 3. total balance. (NOT a partial balance; put your TOTAL balance only.) Please also include your Ethereum address to receive your tokens.
  5. Very important: We can’t issue partial withdrawals. If you want to withdraw your tokens, you have to withdraw the entire balance. You may leave your tokens on ProjectArena. You can withdraw your balance at a later date. The bounty tokens will be airdropped to the Waves address you provided. If you have any questions, please email us at:[email protected]

Arena Swap from Waves Token to Ethereum ERC20 Token

We are officially moving to an Ethereum ERC20 token. For everyone who has Arena Waves token, to make the swap, please send all your Arena tokens to this Waves address: 3PFwv6tZCJu4JsF8kac9RXJCqhhKtJ4Xy6k Please make sure and include your Ethereum address in the attachment box when sending your tokens. The minimum swap amount is 100 tokens.

Please open a wallet at www.myetherwallet.com and send us your Ethereum address from there. After you send the tokens, please send us the Waves address you sent from so we can verify the transaction and also the amount of Arena tokens you’re sending. Please email this information to: [email protected]

All swaps are done manually. Please allow 24-48 hours for completion of your token swap. We usually complete swaps quickly while we are online.

Viewing Your Arena Token Balance on MyEtherWallet.com

Load MyEtherWallet, click the button on the bottom right hand side of page Add Custom Token

Address: 0xf9c9da0c81fffd491458881410903561d1e40fd0

Token Symbol: ARENA

Decimals: 18

After you enter the info above, click “Save.”

After you do that, click the button “Load Token Balance.”