March 23 Arena Update

The payment gateway is almost done. As you can see here we made it so Arena can accept both Arena tokens and Ethereum tokens. The payment gateway will likely be completed in 1 to 2 weeks. Shortly after the gateway is completed we will open the Alpha version of the site so everyone can test the platform.

Token Fees

Ethereum transaction will have a small Arena token fee to process each transactions. This is similar to other platforms.

All Arena token transfers will have just the gas fee that is standard with all ERC20 token transfers.

We are working on adding more payment options on the Arena platform.

Each member on the platform will have the ability to accept Ethereum and Arena payments for Poker Staking and selling Sports Picks and Trading Picks. Each members just needs to input there payment address and thats it and all transactions will go to your Ethereum address.

To use the platform you must have some Arena tokens, Arena tokens will be used for transaction fees. Arena tokens are traded here:!/trade/ARENA-ETH

The Alpha version of the Arena platform will be launching soon. Please stay subscribe to this thread for recent updates. We will also be posting updates on our website.

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