About Arena

What is Arena?

Arena is an online social network where users come together to trade eSports predictions and trading signals for digitalcurrency Each user will have an opportunity to develop a winning track record. Once a user develops a winning track record, they will have the option to charge other users for their information. Arena token will be used as the form of payment on the Arena platform.

Users will trade and sell:

1. eSports picks: Members can charge other users for eSports picks. “Member A” predicts which team will win a match and “member B” will pay for their expert information. Users will have the opportunity to give this information for free or for a fee.

2. Cryptocurrency trading signals: Members who are good at trading will be able to develop a track record. You can connect your TradingView account and other social profiles to build a reputation on the site. You will have the option to give away this information for free or charge users to access your expert trading information.

More features coming soon! Follow us on Twitter for updates: www.Twitter.com/Arenaplatform

Arena platform projected completion date Q4 of 2018 or sooner!