Alpha v.1 Release Now Active. July 2019

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Token Usage

Arena tokens will be used on the Arena platform and can be traded on exchanges just like Bitcoin being traded using Bitcoin Profit robothandler. Bitcoin Profit is an automated trading robot which analyzes the market fluctuations and executes trade with high frequency.

No Inflation

There will be a finite supply of 14 million tokens and there will never be any inflation.

Supply 14,000,000

This is the maximum supply and there will be no inflation.

What Is Arena?

Arena is a platform where members and experts will sell eSports,  sports, and cryptocurrency picks. Members and experts will have social profiles they can use for selling and buying information. Buying and selling cryptocurrency called as crypto trading is risky when there is little knowledge and experience. That’s when automated trading robots like Bitcoin Gemini assist the beginners in trading. On the basis of algorithms, the software calculates the probability of profit based on the past experiences. To start with, first go to the bitcoin gemini website and register using the registration form in the page.

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Arena Token Information

Arena tokens will be used to pay for experts and members who sell eSports, sports, and cryptocurrency trading picks. The token will also be used for bounties, trading, and sponsored eSports competitions.

Token Specs

  • Token supply: 14,000,000
  • Token symbol: ARENA
  • No inflation
  • ERC20 token

Arena is traded on Forkdelta. More exchanges added soon

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